Eye Of The Beholder, Right?

Featured Quote: "It's an odd combination, but it works for us."

Game development hit the ground running in 2019. While having a resolution was all well and good, a brief pause was needed to recharge our batteries. 

Some of our development team have been building a castle together in Terraria – complete with trophy room, eerie dungeon, cemetery and massive fountains – the works. Sometimes gamers just need to lose themselves and all track of time. 

Giant rooftop mountains from our development team's Terreria castle

Fullscreen view of our development team's massive Terreria castle

Seeing It Come Together

A lot of code has been written, art assets been made, etc. – a lot of work has been done. So what we’re anticipating right now, is level generation. We’ve got almost everything we need to put together a working demo. Most of the essential elements have been loaded into Unity. Now, Nitz can start bringing everything together based on the story he wrote. He just has one more level of dialogue to finish writing before he switches gears and starts to draw levels. 

With so much loaded into Unity, we were able to step back and see it as a whole. It was interesting to see the culmination of all our choices along the way. 

Perspective In Art

Our game combines isometric environments with flat 2D pixel art. It’s an odd combination, but it works for us. 

The decision to have contrasting elements somehow came naturally. The combination looks incredible and SilkPuppet has put in a shift, constantly measuring to ensure everything is nicely proportioned. Regardless of what it looks like though, really more to the point, the game is supposed to be fun. 

How our artist feels about it

Here is a mini interview with SilkPuppet. We want readers to get a glimpse of our process from the artist’s perpective. 


January Progress

The game’s heads-up display (i.e. “HUD” or status bar) was the hot new topic in January. We saw the second visual of the HUD already revamped the day after getting a first look. There is going to be a lot of discussion regarding the HUD before we get around to making decisions a priority. Since it will have a significant impact on gameplay, we want our choices to be deliberate. 

We saw a first draft of our second enemy character from the artist. He is constantly proving skilled at taking the designer’s vision and hitting the nail on the head while still making something uniquely his own. It only took one minor (20 minute) edit before it was a done deal. Now the team is ironing out visual differences between common enemies and boss characters. 

A draft of the full script is almost complete, then our creative genius is going to get back to level design. All the while, we are learning so much from our artist. We couldn’t be happier to have him on the team. 



Worth Checking Out

Isometric is one of a few axonometric projections; one commonly used in 2D video game creation. Learn more about perspectives used in video game art from OpenGameArt.org.

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