Reunions: Both Work And Play

Featured Quote: "It wasn't a productive visit, just an overdue one."

A few of us at Swequity Gaming rent a cottage every summer. Summer 2018 though we were also in the midst of forming this company. That week, while everyone gave their feedback towards finalizing our company logo, there were also several team-building exercises: barbecuing, backgammon, suffering the wrath of North Korean whiskey, practicing techniques for bonfire construction, and cooking copious amounts of potatoes and bacon. But the cottage wasn’t the only reunion in 2018.

Three Birthdays And A Wedding

As we know, the death of a video game character is not necessarily permanent. Good thing too, because SilkPuppet watched our protagonist die about 300 times while he worked on that animation cycle back in October. 

These past two months though have been spent in merrier ways. 

MEME: the priest from movie "Four Weddings And A Funeral" stumbling clumsily through officiating a wedding.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Lead Developer

Ryan Hammond got married. Two of us actually met him many years ago through his (now) wife, so it was great to be part of their big day. In a lot of ways, their wedding was a Swequity Gaming reunion. Darmock flew in for the weekend, and coding took a break the following week for the newlyweds. 

November Progress

After a summer of both work and play, the trend continued for the remainder of the year.

Darmock confirmed this month what our game resolution will be. So going forward, we now know how big our sprites will be in-game on a screen. 

Nitz has been considering a cinematic approach to level design. We’ll find out further down the road whether he’s dreaming. Or perhaps it will work well with what’s been created. According to Ryan Hammond, the implementation of cutscenes should be a snap. I guess we’ll see how it all works when we get far enough to sample and playtest it.

BMFS flew halfway across the country for an annual weekend with the guys. Darmock was host and fun was had. But with Swequity Gaming just kicking off, work was also made a priority. All of the owners are putting in sweat equity rather than being paid, as this is secondary to our daily work life. BMFS though is forever mindful that SilkPuppet requires stability from us. So, over the weekend BMFS and Darmock spent some time making our “plan on a page” – a timeline of where we wanted to go/be with regards to assets, etc. Keeping our artist constantly busy isn’t just necessary for the game to progress. We are his primary source of income. And he is definitely going to be busy in the months ahead.

More Reunions

In less than two months there were three birthdays, once again bringing Swequity Gaming under the same roof. However, unlike in October the weekend of the wedding, play was balanced with work.

Darmock flew in once more, this time for over two weeks. Since four of us were now in one place, Nitz drove in for one night as well. It wasn’t a productive visit, just an overdue one. Drinks were many while sleep was not. We all made the poor decision to talk all night well into the morning. Another of the night’s odd choices: bourbon and ice cream cake (two of BMFS’ birthday must-haves).

There was a small amount of chat about game progress that night, mostly surrounding the game script. The goal is to have it done by the New Year.

Darmock is sticking around for another week. He plans to work like a dog.



Worth Checking Out

If you’ve never seen or heard of the movie Four Weddings And A Funeral, you should. Rowan Atkinson is hilarious



Fast Forward

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